Offering Full Traceability

Pure Oil ensures the peace of mind of our customers, offering full traceability in every aspect of our business. All our vegetable oils are produced to agreed specifications.

Pure Oil provide consistent solutions to optimise fresh cooking oil without compromising food quality.

Our sales team will visit sites and work with chefs to ensure optimal life, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your catering oil.

To maintain product quality we test every tanker of oil we receive, carrying out a Free fatty acid test (FFA) and Peroxide Value (PV test) in our in house lab.

Our test is designed to measure the free fatty acid content of fresh vegetable oils. Free Fatty Acids are a key indicator of hydrolytic degradation associated with off flavor and textural changes. Recently, trans-fatty acids (TFA) have gained more exposure due to their negative health effects. So, there is a great need in the food industries to have the ability to detect free fatty acids, and ensure all our products meet the highest standard.
The Peroxide Value (PV) test is useful for predicting shelf life. In food, the presence of peroxides will immediately alter the taste. Once oxidation has run its course, the oxidized material will have essentially changed to a new substance, chemically different from its original form and potentially toxic, which is why it is considered rancid and unusable. We conduct these tests on all oil we receive to ensure that the customer is receiving the best product possible, with a long shelf life.

To ensure that we offer our clients and their end users full traceability, all our bulk oils are batch tested before they are released to the market.

Pure Oil’s Traceability Certification
Waste Collection Permit
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