Horse and Jockey Hotel – Thurles – Co. Tipperary

“Since moving to Pure Oil for our waste oil collection services we have been delighted with the services that we received. Their service is very efficient and we are glad to have them as partners. We are also very happy to know where our waste is going and making sure that it is not harming the environment in any way. All in all a great service that we are very happy with.”

Joe St John
General Manager
Horse and Jockey hotel

Talbot Hotel – Wexford, Co. Wexford

“We got in touch with Pure Oil to organise the supply of our fresh cooking oil and collection of our used cooking oil. We were also very glad to hear that our waste was being put to use and being dealt with safely.  The service they provide is good – we’d soon shout if it wasn’t – and it makes sound, economic sense.”

Keith Scott
Head Chef
Talbot Hotel Wexford (part of The Talbot  Group of Hotels)

Pichet Restaurant – Dublin

“Using Pure Oil has significantly helped our business grow and develop in a great way. We now know exactly where our waste cooking oil is going and are happy to hear it is being disposed off in a manner that is environmentally friendly. They are great local Irish company and deliver a great punctual service. We will continue to use Pure Oil for all cooking oil supply and our used oil collection. We are glad to have them continuing to do business with us.”

Pichet Restaurant Dublin