Pure Longlife

Pure Longlife Vegetable Oil is outstanding value for money and is one of Ireland’s best selling fresh bulk cooking oils.
A long life vegetable oil made for heavy duty frying situations where quality and longer life are paramount. Made from a superior blend of Pure Vegetable Oils, Pure Long Life is manufactured using the latest technology to ensure extra long life and perfect fried food every time for the catering industry.

Fribel Culinaire Cooking Oil

Deep-frying cooking oil with maximum lifespan for healthier frying. A deep-frying oil that has an exceptionally long lifespan for frying, and has the most optimal dietetic properties. This healthy composition meets the criteria of “healthy choice’ on the Europe-wide Choices Programme. Thanks to the composition of the oil, there is a reduced fat absorption.
  • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS : optimal balance of omega3, high insaturated fatty acid content, 100% vegetable ingredients, cholesterol-free, easy to digest, and allergen-free.

Prep Ultra

Prep Ultra cooking oil is an ultra-long life vegetable oil that is ideal for ‘heavy duty’ catering services, deep frying applications. This is because of its superb fry life and its ability to produce great tasting food for longer. With fewer oil changes needed, Prep Ultra is an essential bulk oil for the frequent, busy fryer. In addition, Prep Ultra us a Halal approved oil.

  • Lasts up to three times longer than most extended oils
  • Excellent for ‘heavy duty’ deep-frying applications
  • Fewer oil changes, and less handling in the kitchen
  • Reduction in waste and disposal costs
  • Available in 15 litre & 20 litre Tubs
  • GreenPalm certified
  • Foodservice Rewards
  • Halal and Kosher Approved

Prep ZT

Prep ZT has been specially formulated from a unique blend of vegetable oils. With a great fry life, no hydrogenated oil , less than 1% trans fatty acids, and naturally high in the antioxidant Vitamin E, Prep ZT is the bulk oil of choice for those in the catering industry wanting to reduce their trans fatty acid intake without compromising on fry life.

  • Lasts up to two-and-a-half times longer than extended oils
  • Ideal for deep and shallow frying, roasting & sautéing
  • Produces great tasting food for longer
  • Reduces overall oil spend
  • Fewer oil changes, less handling in the kitchen
  • Neutral taste and smell – excellent food quality
  • High Performance – produces great tasting food for longer
  • Available in 15 litre tubs and a 15 litre Jerribox.
  • GreenPalm certified
  • Foodservice Rewards
  • Halal and Kosher Approved Cooking Oil